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Comparative analysis of Java vs .NET

A little about Java… Java is basically a platform or a suite of programs that assists in developing and running programs written in java programming language. It provides a system for developing application software and deploying it in a cross platform computing environment. It is used in a variety of computing platforms, starting from embedded […]

Customer Feedback

What is customer feedback? Customer feedback is an information which is directly conveyed about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction related to any product or service. These are important resources for improving and to address the needs of the customer. Ways to receive customer feedback Although there are several ways to fetch feedback from your customer, let […]

How to stay on task

What is a task? It is a piece of work to be undertaken or to be done. How do we stay focussed on tasks? Remaining focused could be difficult with a constant stream of colleagues, clients, phone calls and emails. Amidst all these, getting to know your brain’s limitations and working around them could improve […]

What does the future look like for WordPress?

Learn about WordPress It is a free and open source content management system – CMS which is based on PHP framework and MySQL. For people not familiar with the term open source, it means the platform is not restricted under copyright or trademark and is freely available for anyone to download and modify (under what […]

The Importance of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of using a mix of both paid and organic techniques to direct people to your website through search engines. We will not go over all of these techniques as the list is quite exhaustive, but I will go over some of the ones that I […]