What’s the Deal with Your Name?

Why Choose SevenVerbs?

Why should you choose SevenVerbs over the other colored and flying animal marketing firms in the area? Not only does our work speak for itself, so does our work ethic. It’s in our name, SevenVerbs. Those seven verbs define us as an organization and they are at the center of every team member’s mind every day. They are a part of how we do business and how we live our daily lives. Those seven verbs are: Care, Cultivate, Create, Multiply, Discover, Produce and Coach.

Our Name.

We frequently get asked, “What’s the deal with your name?” So, we thought we would take a moment and dive into the meaning behind our name, and each verb that plays an integral part of who we are!

Our Verbs.

  1. Care. Here’s one that doesn’t require overthinking. We do what we do because of how much we care about people. Our care goes beyond the surface level, to the core. We handle your project with the like it’s our own like we are putting our very name to it. Our strongest desire is for you to be happy with our work and for you and your life’s work to thrive.
  2. Cultivate. Cultivate, this one has dual meanings for our team. First, we are always striving to cultivate solutions that lay the groundwork for your success. Secondly, we truly value people and relationships, so we are always cultivating our relationships. We truly believe businesses are enriched and will thrive with meaningful relationships.
  3. Create. What good is any company that doesn’t create? Not to mention software and marketing leaders. Without the ability and appetite to create, there is no progress. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and sometimes keeps us out of bed at night!
  4. Multiply. We want to see your profits and success increase and multiply! Simply math, your problems decrease, while your success increases. No arrows going down, only up.
  5. Discover. Discover may be the most fun of all our verbs! Almost always we find that a customized solution is the right solution. we constantly get to put on our mining hats and dig up new ways of getting things done. Breaking the mold is something we love doing!
  6. Produce. The most literal of our verbs. When it comes down to brass tax, we don’t have a business unless we produce meaningful solutions and content for our customers.
  7. Coach. We treat this one more like a noun rather than a verb. Our coach is named Bernie and he went to Cornell… ever heard of it? He either punches the wall or breaks out into a Capella should we begin to get off task, and do not test his politeness.

SevenVerbs Marketing Coach

More Than a Name.

These seven verbs are much more than a business name to us. Don’t get me wrong,  how you identify your business is very important. However, these verbs travel deeper than a business level, into the thoughts, actions, and heartbeat of each individual at SevenVerbs. It is with these seven verbs that all our business efforts and personal decisions are funneled through. These seven verbs aren’t just a business name, they are a lifestyle.