employee engagement

Employee Engagement and Marketing: Related?

Marketing and employee engagement may sound like two very distinct and separate subjects not relating to each other at all. But these two topics actually relate more than one would think. In fact, a marketing department’s success can be largely dependent on employee engagement across the company. A company needs its employees to buy-in, to believe in and share its vision. 

Why It Matters

Let’s start at the beginning — why it matters. The benefit of having buy-in across the company shows, when a company’s marketing department has active participation with the rest of the company. What does that look like? Engaged employees can offer insight into what makes their company stand out. And what comes from that insight are marketing nuggets of gold! They manifest when a customer service representative hands over accolades from customers, or a salesman divulges what issues his customers are currently experiencing. Other employees are a marketing department’s strongest brand ambassadors.

When a business has worked to build a culture where it’s employees are actively engaged, their employees share in its vision and want to see it succeed. Anytime an opportunity arrises for an employee to help the company be more successful, they will take it! Businesses in today’s atmosphere are vying for their targeted customers attention. And when a marketing department has that kind of ammunition, encouragement, and cooperation from the rest of the company they can’t help but be successful.

Empowerment Marketing

When a marketing department has support and cooperation from their co-workers, it creates a powerful atmosphere where marketers create robust and effective marketing campaigns. This idea has been coined as Empowerment Marketing. “Empowerment marketing is the idea that the quality of customer experience is directly a function of the quality of the employees delivering the experience.”

When Employee Engagement is Non-Existent 

When a company has yet to build a climate of engagement among its employees, it bleeds into all areas of the company, effecting everyone. If employee engagement is low or non-existent the marketing department often ends up on an island spinning it’s wheels. That can lead to marketing efforts being unsuccessful, which effects the sales team, and of course effects the overall success of a company.

When a company makes the intentional decision to put emphasis on company culture employee engagement will increase, and the marketing department won’t be the only area to reap the benefit!