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Employee Engagement and Marketing: Related?

Marketing and employee engagement may sound like two very distinct and separate subjects not relating to each other at all. But these two topics actually relate more than one would think. In fact, a marketing department’s success can be largely dependent on employee engagement across the company. A company needs its employees to buy-in, to believe in and share its vision. 

Why It Matters

Let’s start at the beginning — why it matters. The benefit of having buy-in across the company shows, when a company’s marketing department has active participation with the rest of the company. What does that look like? Engaged employees can offer insight into what makes their company stand out. And what comes from that insight are marketing nuggets of gold! They manifest when a customer service representative hands over accolades from customers, or a salesman divulges what issues his customers are currently experiencing. Other employees are a marketing department’s strongest brand ambassadors.

When a business has worked to build a culture where it’s employees are actively engaged, their employees share in its vision and want to see it succeed. Anytime an opportunity arrises for an employee to help the company be more successful, they will take it! Businesses in today’s atmosphere are vying for their targeted customers attention. And when a marketing department has that kind of ammunition, encouragement, and cooperation from the rest of the company they can’t help but be successful.

Empowerment Marketing

When a marketing department has support and cooperation from their co-workers, it creates a powerful atmosphere where marketers create robust and effective marketing campaigns. This idea has been coined as Empowerment Marketing. “Empowerment marketing is the idea that the quality of customer experience is directly a function of the quality of the employees delivering the experience.”

When Employee Engagement is Non-Existent 

When a company has yet to build a climate of engagement among its employees, it bleeds into all areas of the company, effecting everyone. If employee engagement is low or non-existent the marketing department often ends up on an island spinning it’s wheels. That can lead to marketing efforts being unsuccessful, which effects the sales team, and of course effects the overall success of a company.

When a company makes the intentional decision to put emphasis on company culture employee engagement will increase, and the marketing department won’t be the only area to reap the benefit!


What’s the Deal with Your Name?

Why Choose SevenVerbs?

Why should you choose SevenVerbs over the other colored and flying animal marketing firms in the area? Not only does our work speak for itself, so does our work ethic. It’s in our name, SevenVerbs. Those seven verbs define us as an organization and they are at the center of every team member’s mind every day. They are a part of how we do business and how we live our daily lives. Those seven verbs are: Care, Cultivate, Create, Multiply, Discover, Produce and Coach.

Our Name.

We frequently get asked, “What’s the deal with your name?” So, we thought we would take a moment and dive into the meaning behind our name, and each verb that plays an integral part of who we are!

Our Verbs.

  1. Care. Here’s one that doesn’t require overthinking. We do what we do because of how much we care about people. Our care goes beyond the surface level, to the core. We handle your project with the like it’s our own like we are putting our very name to it. Our strongest desire is for you to be happy with our work and for you and your life’s work to thrive.
  2. Cultivate. Cultivate, this one has dual meanings for our team. First, we are always striving to cultivate solutions that lay the groundwork for your success. Secondly, we truly value people and relationships, so we are always cultivating our relationships. We truly believe businesses are enriched and will thrive with meaningful relationships.
  3. Create. What good is any company that doesn’t create? Not to mention software and marketing leaders. Without the ability and appetite to create, there is no progress. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and sometimes keeps us out of bed at night!
  4. Multiply. We want to see your profits and success increase and multiply! Simply math, your problems decrease, while your success increases. No arrows going down, only up.
  5. Discover. Discover may be the most fun of all our verbs! Almost always we find that a customized solution is the right solution. we constantly get to put on our mining hats and dig up new ways of getting things done. Breaking the mold is something we love doing!
  6. Produce. The most literal of our verbs. When it comes down to brass tax, we don’t have a business unless we produce meaningful solutions and content for our customers.
  7. Coach. We treat this one more like a noun rather than a verb. Our coach is named Bernie and he went to Cornell… ever heard of it? He either punches the wall or breaks out into a Capella should we begin to get off task, and do not test his politeness.

SevenVerbs Marketing Coach

More Than a Name.

These seven verbs are much more than a business name to us. Don’t get me wrong,  how you identify your business is very important. However, these verbs travel deeper than a business level, into the thoughts, actions, and heartbeat of each individual at SevenVerbs. It is with these seven verbs that all our business efforts and personal decisions are funneled through. These seven verbs aren’t just a business name, they are a lifestyle.

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Wait… Who are you again?

[who we are]

Who is SevenVerbs? We are a team of experienced software and marketing leaders. We have a one of a kind crew that is beyond advantageous for our customers. Our full-service approach offers both software development and creative marketing strategy to give your brand the shining attention it deserves!

Who is SevenVerbs


Hold up. Does that sound too much like corporate jargon?

We want to keep it ? with you. Here is what you really need to know; Our entire purpose for existing is to serve you. Our mission is to find more ways to offer you top-tier service and improve our game. We are on a bar-raising, never-ending, relentless mission to be the best we can be, for you.

[what we do]

We offer cutting-edge, custom software solutions, as well as creative brand, marketing, and digital media services, ranging from video to social media marketing. Most of all, we are creative problem solvers! We solve challenges and problems for our clients every day by finding perfect and lasting solutions as well as, building reliable systems that serve their needs.

Software Development. We develop functional and high quality software to improve your business performance. Many of our customers face difficult challenges that hinder their efficiency, productivity and functionality. What challenges can we help solve? Here are some examples:

  • I have a great idea for software that can improve our business – how do I make it a reality?
  • Is it possible to move my spreadsheet to our website?
  • We have systems that don’t talk to one another
  • We have outgrown our existing software. Do we need to build a new one?
  • I know what I need my software to do, but I can’t find a system that does it.
  • My IT Department does not have time to do my project.

Data. Use your data to gain insight into your business. Almost always the answers to your questions lie within your own data. You probably have large amounts of data, housed in multiple locations. It can be hard to understand what it all means, and what pieces are important. We can help you gain awareness of your current trends to create productivity in the areas you desire!

Marketing. We build websites as cool as your uncle with the mullet and ’86 Camaro. We offer

[how we do it]

Seamless. This is a word always at the forefront of our minds. We believe all your services, from your website to your in-house customized software, should be seamless, with your brand and marketing strategy. Your needs may change. In the beginning, you may only need social media marketing, when that need grows to the need for a new in-house customized software solution our service and ability to meet those needs are seamless. We are able to serve you no matter what level of need you have!

Transparent. Especially important is transparency, it’s another way you can count on SevenVerbs. When you trust an organization with high moral standards, like SevenVerbs, your business reaps the benefits! As a result, you receive straight-forward, clear-cut and honest communications from us, so you have no surprises regarding our pricing, capabilities or timeline.

Effective. We unboxed the old processes, and they didn’t rate high. So we went another direction. We cultivated a process that revolves solely around the end game you desire. How? By starting at the finish line, we sit down with you and hone in on the exact results you want and work backward from there, never getting lost in the weeds. You want more traffic on social media to get potential customers to your website? You want a video series showcasing knowledge only you and your business has? While we focus on producing the best product, we keep our target on what that product will achieve.

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A Whole New World: Wired Storytelling

We have exciting news! Maybe not quite as big as Sprint and T-Mobile merging… but it’s in the same ballpark.  SevenVerbs has entered a whole new world! The world of digital media and marketing, or what we are calling Wired Storytelling!  You have known SevenVerbs as a team of experienced professionals, with an expertise in how technology can improve your business, specializing in software development, data, and business intelligence services. 

We are pleased to now be offering Digital Marketing & Media Services!

SevenVerbs first began with a passion for problem-solving and serving our customers! It’s with those same principles and a couple new employees that we set out on this new venture. It is with the same level of excellence, care and drive that we bring you these services. These services may be new to the SevenVerbs umbrella, but not to our experienced employees, who are accomplished and successful marketers and communicators.

Wired Storytelling

Stories. They are what draws us in, interests us and what makes the world feel a little bit smaller. We are diehard fans of a great story. It’s what kept us captivated as kids on the carpet and what draws us to the theater as adults. Creative storytelling has become a vital component in marketing today. Your story needs to be consistent, easy to understand, and congruent with the rest of your brand. Why Wired? Storytelling has found a new home online (considering the fact that the first stories were told on the walls of caves eons ago, this is still a new home). Everyone has an endless amount of information in their pocket and with that an endless amount of companies trying to stand out. “In our information-saturated age, business leaders won’t be heard unless they’re telling stories,” says Nick Morgan, author of Power Cues. “Facts and figures and all the rational things that we think are important in the business world actually don’t stick in our minds at all,” he says. “But stories create ‘sticky’ memories by attaching emotions to things that happen.”

The Why.

If you are thinking, storytelling doesn’t have anything to do with you and your business then allow us to bring you into the light! “If you can’t properly convey a story then your products are not going to appeal to your audience. Bates reminded us that we love stories so much that we have to be trained to not fall for anecdotal evidence. Why? “Because our brains value stories over anything else,” John Bates, CEO of Executive Speaking Success & Business Coaching. 

This blog has been mostly about us and our new offerings, but please stay tuned to get more tips on handling marketing, technology, and writing. We are here to add value to your life!

Honestly, what we love most about business, is working hard for people. Everyone has a story to tell, let’s find your sticky story.