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Wait… Who are you again?

[who we are]

Who is SevenVerbs? We are a team of experienced software and marketing leaders. We have a one of a kind crew that is beyond advantageous for our customers. Our full-service approach offers both software development and creative marketing strategy to give your brand the shining attention it deserves!

Who is SevenVerbs


Hold up. Does that sound too much like corporate jargon?

We want to keep it 💯 with you. Here is what you really need to know; Our entire purpose for existing is to serve you. Our mission is to find more ways to offer you top-tier service and improve our game. We are on a bar-raising, never-ending, relentless mission to be the best we can be, for you.

[what we do]

We offer cutting-edge, custom software solutions, as well as creative brand, marketing, and digital media services, ranging from video to social media marketing. Most of all, we are creative problem solvers! We solve challenges and problems for our clients every day by finding perfect and lasting solutions as well as, building reliable systems that serve their needs.

Software Development. We develop functional and high quality software to improve your business performance. Many of our customers face difficult challenges that hinder their efficiency, productivity and functionality. What challenges can we help solve? Here are some examples:

  • I have a great idea for software that can improve our business – how do I make it a reality?
  • Is it possible to move my spreadsheet to our website?
  • We have systems that don’t talk to one another
  • We have outgrown our existing software. Do we need to build a new one?
  • I know what I need my software to do, but I can’t find a system that does it.
  • My IT Department does not have time to do my project.

Data. Use your data to gain insight into your business. Almost always the answers to your questions lie within your own data. You probably have large amounts of data, housed in multiple locations. It can be hard to understand what it all means, and what pieces are important. We can help you gain awareness of your current trends to create productivity in the areas you desire!

Marketing. We build websites as cool as your uncle with the mullet and ’86 Camaro. We offer

[how we do it]

Seamless. This is a word always at the forefront of our minds. We believe all your services, from your website to your in-house customized software, should be seamless, with your brand and marketing strategy. Your needs may change. In the beginning, you may only need social media marketing, when that need grows to the need for a new in-house customized software solution our service and ability to meet those needs are seamless. We are able to serve you no matter what level of need you have!

Transparent. Especially important is transparency, it’s another way you can count on SevenVerbs. When you trust an organization with high moral standards, like SevenVerbs, your business reaps the benefits! As a result, you receive straight-forward, clear-cut and honest communications from us, so you have no surprises regarding our pricing, capabilities or timeline.

Effective. We unboxed the old processes, and they didn’t rate high. So we went another direction. We cultivated a process that revolves solely around the end game you desire. How? By starting at the finish line, we sit down with you and hone in on the exact results you want and work backward from there, never getting lost in the weeds. You want more traffic on social media to get potential customers to your website? You want a video series showcasing knowledge only you and your business has? While we focus on producing the best product, we keep our target on what that product will achieve.

SevenVerbs on The News Hour

Bob Sorenson and Alan Anderson joined Insight on Business – The News Hour to talk about SevenVerbs and how we find solutions for businesses. Listen here:

Spreadsheet “What-if’s” Keeping You Awake? You Need a Web App

So you have created the world’s best spreadsheet. Everyone in the office and in the field loves it. It has shaved hours off the time it takes to bring valuable information to your customers and prospects.

But… you find yourself spending more and more time supporting the tool and waking up in the middle of the night thinking (worrying) about the “what-ifs” of this beauty which is slowly turning into a your personal beast.

One morning you wake up and decide to recommend taking the spreadsheet you created, and finding someone to make a web application which provides the same functionality. Knowing there will be a cost associated with this, you write up the 3 “what-ifs” that are keeping you awake at night:

What-if someone uses an old version 

Wouldn’t it be nice if the first spreadsheet you shared with everyone was the only one. Not so, there have been many many versions generated.

As a matter of fact there are about 100 people using this spreadsheet and you have released 20 versions. No one wants to delete old copies means there are probably 2,000 copies floating around out there.

You have created a versioning system but there have been several instances where someone in the field has used the wrong version, which has caused some embarrassing moments with customers and prospects.

What-if someone changes a formula

You have locked down the calculations as much as possible but there are a few places which need to be left unlocked. What if fabulous Frank our sales guy – who thinks he is a spreadsheet wizard – decides to “tune” things up a bit?

What-if this gets in the hands of our competitor 

Both the inside and outside sales force come and go. It would be very easy for one of them to take the spreadsheet with them when they move to a competitor. This spreadsheet provides your company with a nice competitive advantage. If it got into the hands of one of your competitors it would be relatively easy for them to replicate.

You set a meeting with your boss, have a discussion about the “what-ifs” and she gives you the approval to find a company to make this tool into a web application.

Three months later

Your inside and outside team are raving about how much easier things are with things running on the web. (Fabulous Frank in sales is complaining because he can’t make changes to the calculations but he will get over it).

The time you spent supporting the spreadsheet is now spent adding new capability. The only “what-ifs” you are thinking about are related to what-if your bonus is big enough to take the trip to New Zealand you have always dreamed about.

You’re not the only one who has struggled with the “what-if’s” of spreadsheets. These headaches are all too common, but they’re very easily remedied by moving your spreadsheet to a web application.