Common Challenges

Do You Have Questions About Software?

Turning your ideas into a reality, finding business solutions and creating a custom software for your business is what we do best. Our clients depend on us to create reliable systems and long term solutions.

Here are some of our clients common questions and challenges:

I’m facing a business challenge. How can I solve it?

Process improvement, business growth, and automation often create challenges for businesses. Many of these challenges can be solved by improving your software, or creating a system tailored to what your business needs it to do. Software solutions can boost efficiency, optimize processes, and give you the tools you need to eliminate the challenge your business faces.

I have a great idea. How do I make it a reality?

Most companies start out as just an idea. Having a great idea is only half the battle. Turning your vision into a real working product is the next step. Software is tricky to build and difficult to deliver if you don’t have a strong partner. Finding the right software partner can be challenging. Make sure they understand your project, and what you’re trying to accomplish. Anybody can write a piece of code, but it takes a certain level of experience to understand the possibilities of technology and develop a successful business application.

Is it possible to move my spreadsheet to the web?

Spreadsheet version control is a nightmare. A simple mistake like opening the wrong version or missing the latest revision can ruin your quarterly numbers. Sure, there are great tools like Office 365 or Google Docs for sharing files live, but these tools don’t work for every situation. With the flexibility of the web, more and more companies are taking proprietary worksheets and workflows and building a better system of control and management. Moving your spreadsheet to the web will allow you to distribute your business tools to those you choose in a controlled way across multiple users and sites.

My business has systems that don’t talk to one another.

When systems don’t communicate, this can cause the need for duplicate data entry. Manual data entry and re-entry creates an unnecessary clerical workload. The good news is this error prone process can be automated.  Most software uses an Application Programming Interface (API) to pass information in and out of the system. It is possible to connect and integrate your systems.

We have outgrown our existing software. Do we need to build a new one?

It depends on what you mean by outgrown. Often times, companies are challenged by their software running slow and think they need to replace it. In many cases a simple code review or increasing hardware might solve the issue. Before looking for an alternative or rewriting your application, make sure to have someone review your current software and provide a plan for how to meet your needs.

I know what I need my software to do, but I can’t find a system that does it.

Having a software that doesn’t meet your needs can be frustrating.  Looking for an off the shelf software can be time consuming and exhausting.  Even with all the software that exists today, sometime there isn’t a product readily available to solve your problem.You may need a custom application to function exactly as your business needs it to.

My IT department does not have time to do my project.

Taking on large projects such as building new software can be difficult for IT departments. They have many moving parts to sync and stay on top of and your project may not get their full attention. In order to hit your deadline and keep your sanity, find a partner that can complement your internal expertise and quickly deliver a team that’s 100% focused on building your application.

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