The SevenVerbs Process

More Than Just Code

SevenVerbs specializes in custom applications for you and your business with our simple 5 step process. By the end of the process, you’ll have a solution that isn’t over engineered and matches the scope we’ve defined together.

  • Conversation

    Many projects start over a slice of pizza or a  cup of coffee. No sales pitch, just a chance to get to know you and better understand your vision and your software needs. Together we evaluate if further discovery makes sense. During our conversation, you’ll get to know us, and decide if we’ll make a good partner. This is an important step in the process.If we aren’t right for you, we’ll point you in the direction of somebody who can better serve your needs.

  • Discovery

    This step is where we go more in depth, learn more about the details of your business, and the scope of the project. Launching a new venture or solving a business challenge requires a deep understanding of the real world application for your custom software. We have the business acumen and industry experience to understand how your business works, and how technology can help it work more efficiently. Together, we define your business needs and develop project requirements so that we can provide you with the right technology for your business goals.

  • Development

    If you’ve worked with software developers in the past, you may have felt like you were part of a process that was disconnected and incomplete, and you were pushed through a project. We do things differently – we work alongside you, and the project isn’t done until it meets all your software needs. We like to communicate and collaborate with you, responding to change rather than following a strict plan. We work in a constant cycle of development and review, engaging with you in the early stages of development and constantly getting your feedback. This is called the Agile Process. You’ll get to see the application take shape before your eyes, and ultimately it produces a better tested, more complete software application.

  • Launch

    When the project is complete, we’ll install your software, do one last conversion of your existing data and make sure everything is working properly. We have a lot of experience helping you through this process, and we’ll make sure everything is done right.

  • Support

    Now your software is up and running. As you begin to use the system, you may encounter bugs, and it’s normal for questions and user challenges to come up. You will receive ongoing support for the projects we deliver. We’ll always be your resource for questions, troubleshooting, and system enhancements.

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