Customer Feedback

What is customer feedback?

Customer feedback is an information which is directly conveyed about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction related to any product or service. These are important resources for improving and to address the needs of the customer.

Ways to receive customer feedback

Although there are several ways to fetch feedback from your customer, let us look at few of the ways/methods which can get consistent feedback from our customers:

  • Surveys
    • These could be on the website or as a form which can be sent to the customer. It is always better to keep the survey short and asks appropriate questions. The major feedback which an IT services might ask for is Quality, Timeline, Communication & Budget. It is best to have focussed questions and make it easier for the customer to answer it easily.
  • Direct reachout
    • This is one of the most traditional and conventional way of receiving words from the customer. It is always a great idea to meet with the customer over a cup of tea/coffee or over lunch. It gives a tremendous platform to open up on both sides and you are able to attach the words with the expressions.

Why customer feedback are important?

Any organization irrespective of the industry should understand and give importance to customer feedback and reviews. This is a very crucial aspect will help organizations keep the existing customers retained and make new customers.

Let us look at some of the factors to see why it is important:

  • It helps an organization improve its products and services
  • It helps you to measure the level of customer satisfaction
  • It assists in showcasing that the organization values its customers opinion
  • It will help you create best of customer experiences
  • It is an excellent way of customer retention
  • It acts as a reliable source for information to other customer/consumers
  • It acts as an excellent data bank to help you make appropriate decisions