How to stay on task

What is a task?

It is a piece of work to be undertaken or to be done.

How do we stay focussed on tasks?

Remaining focused could be difficult with a constant stream of colleagues, clients, phone calls and emails. Amidst all these, getting to know your brain’s limitations and working around them could improve our focus and increase the productivity.

The brain is attuned to distractions, in today’s world it makes it difficult to stay focussed. Multitasking is definitely an important skill, however it has its own flip side. It reduces the intelligence getting a drop in the IQ as study says.

  1. A ToDo list – It is extremely helpful to have a list of tasks listed down. If feasible we can have it outside of our PC or phone as it could lead to a distraction. As and when the tasks get completed, it can be crossed out.
  2. Prioritization – The initial hours are the most productive as all energy is unused. We should use this time to prioritize in such an order that the complex tasks are addressed first followed by less complex and easier tasks.
  3. Focus on creative work first – To remains focussed effectively, review the tasks that require creativity or more concentration first thing in the morning and then shift to much easier tasks.
  4. Prepare your brain – As in today’s world multitasking is kind of a norm, our brain quickly adapts. We lose the ability to focus as distraction then becomes a habit. It is best to practise concentration by avoiding all distractions and focussing on a single task.
  5. Make it a self inspiration & fun – We should find ways for any task to be fun and exiting. Let the creativity within us think widely without borders. If we are able to make the task our own, the battle is already half won.
  6. Keep our workstation clean and organized – Too many things within our reach could prove to be distracting. Plan to have only necessary things set up nicely for yourself
  7. Giving yourself regular breaks – Especially, the IT world is running 24*7, taking breaks is extremely important. It helps us regain and renew our focus. It is important to ensure that the break taken off is both physical and mental.

To remain focussed and on task is tough, though easy as well by following few things judiciously. If we are able to focus each day on important things, it becomes a repeated step and helps us compound on it.

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