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Importance of Github

What is Github? Github, in simple words, is a code hosting platform for collaboration and versioning control. It provides a space for a team to work together on projects. It is web-based and majorly used for computer code. Alongside workflow, it provides distributed version control and source code management. Github essentials: Repositories – Repo Branches Commits […]

Compliance with General Data Protection Regulations

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulations. This is a regulation in the EU for data protection and privacy for organizations and individuals. It hovers around the outgoing/export of personal information outside of European countries. Its primary aim and focus is provide complete control to individuals over their personal data and to simplify the regulations for […]

Employee Engagement and Marketing: Related?

Marketing and employee engagement may sound like two very distinct and separate subjects not relating to each other at all. But these two topics actually relate more than one would think. In fact, a marketing department’s success can be largely dependent on employee engagement across the company. A company needs its employees to buy-in, to […]

Facebook Community Boost: Was it Helpful?

Facebook’s Oopsies. In case you haven’t heard, Facebook has had some… shall we say, difficult PR moments. Click here for the full details. 2016 was the first year Facebook became the bad guy. As theguardian.com says, “Then 2016 happened. As the year unfurled, Facebook had to deal with a string of controversies and blunders, not limited […]

Taking Full Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Part One: Engagement and Partnership If your company or brand has already embraced social media as the marketing platform giant that it is, then this blog post is mere vindication. However, if you are not one of those brands, we are going to attempt to change your mind. No matter your business […]

What’s the Deal with Your Name?

Why Choose SevenVerbs? Why should you choose SevenVerbs over the other colored and flying animal marketing firms in the area? Not only does our work speak for itself, so does our work ethic. It’s in our name, SevenVerbs. Those seven verbs define us as an organization and they are at the center of every team […]

Wait… Who are you again?

[who we are] Who is SevenVerbs? We are a team of experienced software and marketing leaders. We have a one of a kind crew that is beyond advantageous for our customers. Our full-service approach offers both software development and creative marketing strategy to give your brand the shining attention it deserves!   Hold up. Does […]

A Whole New World: Wired Storytelling

We have exciting news! Maybe not quite as big as Sprint and T-Mobile merging… but it’s in the same ballpark.  SevenVerbs has entered a whole new world! The world of digital media and marketing, or what we are calling Wired Storytelling!  You have known SevenVerbs as a team of experienced professionals, with an expertise in how technology can […]